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Xmonad is my DE

Remember Enlightenment? Beautiful backgrounds and transparent terminals so you could admire the backgrounds while coding.

Now I consistently cover the background with a tiling window manager and I don't even have a transparent terminal because it doesn't support compositing...

I probably get more done.

I just upgraded my System76 laptop and decided to try out Pop!_OS. I couldn't bind <Super> 1 through 9 to switching workspaces, so I bailed on it pretty quick. I tried i3 on Manjaro but it binds workspaces to additional monitors.

Turns out I'm addicted to Xmonad.

But Xmonad is just a window manager and none of the distros bundle it with a full desktop environment - which makes sense, it's for the minimalist. But you still want your Fn keys to work (brightness, volume, media), a way to control network connections, and of course a way to open your browser of choice!

So, I'm sharing my Xmonad desktop environment. A collection of configs and scripts (and sounds) - there's even a script to change the background, which I rarely see.

posted at 2020-08-13T04:55:43 by baerg


I have been successfully running Interchange 5 using a stack of Plack + Nginx in production since February, 2016 on a busy site,

Here are the relevant config snippets:


use Plack::Builder;
use Plack::App::WrapCGI;

builder {

  # restart interchange
  my $ic = `/path/to/interchange/bin/interchange -r`;
  if (!$ic) {
    print "ERROR: failed to restart interchange\n";
  else {
    print $ic . "\n";

  # Mount paths
  mount "/catalog" => Plack::App::WrapCGI->new( script => "/path/to/interchange/bin/catalog", execute => 1 )->to_app;

plackup command:

plackup -s Starman --workers=5 -p 5001 -a /path/to/app.psgi -D


proxy_pass http://localhost:5001/catalog;

posted at 2016-06-23T05:58:50 by baerg